One-Click Solution to Increase Sales & Conversions.

Simple Installation and Easy-to-Use

Create Custom Product Table Rules

Display Additional Information For Product Variants

Customization Options For Product Table

Display or Hide Product Table Information

Set up custom rules for product variants

Create custom product variant rules & control everything from displaying the variant’s additional information like SKU and weight to the visibility of variant and product page labels.

Sell more by offering discounts on bulk orders

Convert more orders by displaying offers for your product variants. Customize the variant product table’s title, available stock quantity, and more.

Empower your customers by displaying product variant information

Increase your store’s conversion rate by displaying additional information for product variants like SKU, weight, etc.

Display Variant Table Title and Sub Title

Presenting product options across store views. Easily compare titles and sub-titles of dynamic product variants for informed decision-making.


Variant Pricing

Experience flexibility with both unit and total prices for each variant.

Customizable Tags

Define tags for Price, Quantity, and Add to Cart Buttons as your preferences.

Stock Quantity Tag

Instantly view the available stock and make decisions with confidence

Visual Clarity

Display Icons and titles to ensure quick identification of product variants.

Customizable Labels

Define labels for SKU, Weight, and more to suit your preferences.

Basic Interface

Remove unnecessary clutter by hiding the default Add to Cart form.

Inventory Awareness

Keep track of stock levels with Out-of-Stock badges.

Streamlined Display

Hide out-of-stock variants for a delicate shopping experience.

Universal Applicability

Functional for products with or without variants.

Dynamic Variant Selection

Efficiently pick from diverse options using a user-friendly list with quantity input.

What do our users say?

I used the app for out-of-stock products and it worked great. Works great with non-variant products as well.
United Kingdom
This app has become one of my favorites and I’ve been using it for a while. It is not only simple to use, but also customizable. Customer support is also excellent.
ramelley shop
United States
Good app for Shopify store owners who want a personalized product table for selling variants. Quick support for the team is also appreciated.
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